Eiichi P.I. Vol 1

*He carries the secrets of people. Everything that scares you, saddens you, or delights you, chances are, he already knows. Eiichi Kozuka is an avoidant, chain-smoking, second year student attending Aki Guro High School, a school with more problems than it lets on. He has a bad attitude, and a worse reputation. In truth, he just wants to be left alone, because he carries a secret of his own…

Eiichi is an empath. He can read and feel the emotions of others, at all times. It may sound convenient – however, this ability comes with its own headaches, quite literally.

They get worse when Eiichi meets a curious and energetic photographer named Noda, who pulls him into one harrowing scenario after another, while he must use his abilities to get them out.*


James K. Penn writes with great humor and detail. Eiichi came to life as an unexpected hero, both to me and the character. His witty remarks had me giggling to myself as I followed his journey on an unexpected adventure.

The development between Eiichi and Noda's friendship continued steadily, introducing different sides to both characters as the story progressed. As the Heroin, Noda is portrayed as a young girl who takes pride in helping others, and someone who enjoys the thrill of the next adventure. Her contrast to Eiichi works well with bringing out a lovable side to him.

I do wish James would have explained Eiichi’s empath ability a little more in depth and as for the ending, It felt a little unfinished.

Overall I really enjoyed this light novel, and recommend it to anyone wanting a quick read at only 217 pages and a taste for mystery.


TRIGGER LOCKED: The Mind Control Assassins By Sekina Mayu


Trigger Locked

*Touka and Yuuto are skilled assassins. They attend High School by day, and work on assignments by night. Receiving information about a government controlled microchip, Touka and Yuuto set out to find the man behind it. After discovering some important information that includes their friend Shiori, things take a sudden turn for the worst.*


As interesting as this sounds, Trigger Locked didn't live up to my high expectations. The prologue and first chapter are mostly info dumps listing off the characters involved. By chapter two, things start to get better and the story begins to unravel. However, I got lost throughout the novel as there wasn’t any character descriptions or surrounding detail.

Sekina does a great job at researching the history of the CIA and the mind control program, MKUltra, which took place in the early 1950's (and is still probably going on now), and relays it with a great twist. I would liked to have seen some illustrations throughout the novel, but I understand as an independent author that can be impossible sometimes.

Trigger Locked is on kindle for FREE, so I recommend it to anyone who loves a fast paced novel and isn't too bothered about grammar and repetitive information. Keep in mind, paperback is 14.99.

Buy it here, or download it for free on kindle!



The Everlasting Eye of the Wise

*The Everlasting—a title given to those who’ve reached a state closest to godhood. This honor is a dream to all novice mages and warriors.

After the Age of War ended, the majestic city of Alsa was one of the few cities that remained. In that city lies the best school of magic, Albion, an academic school that has educated the strongest leaders of the current age.

Our story begins with Asura Shirogami, an orphaned sixteen-year-old boy trained in warrior arts who transfers to Albion. Having no friends and an embarrassing first day, Asura must adapt to his new life and learn magic. With no knowledge of magic spells, he unknowingly gets entangled in a school competition where the whole campus is the battlefield. What starts as an intense battle between classmates turns deadly as a powerful intruder interferes.*


The Everlasting was a quick read at only 222 pages! The writing was fast paced and easy to read, without feeling left behind. Asura, the main character was easy to follow, although I found myself liking one of the side characters more, (Shiki) because he had a likable personality where as Asura was quite plain.

Though there wasn’t any illustrations throughout the novel, I didn’t notice until halfway through! Everything was explained nicely, and I was drawn in by the story. There wasn’t a time where Asura’s looks where explained or shown, though, which I would have liked to know. But the rest of the characters where talked about in detail and where a great addition to the protagonist.

Biako has done a great job with The Everlasting being his first light novel! Biako has told me that the story is grander than what’s apparent, and grows to cover worlds and much more!


NOTE - This book is suggested for ages 13+ due to violence and mild language. It is published by Vic's Lab, LLC.



Atlantis: The Visionary Continent

*A young woman is abducted under the cover of night, and wakes to
find herself in an unfamiliar room. She quickly learns that her existence
has been erased, and the only things she has left of her past are the clothes
on her back, and her uncle’s ring.

She is then told that she is on the mythical continent of Atlantis, and that
she was brought here for one singular purpose—to become its new Queen!

Trapped in an unfamiliar place and desperate to return to her own land,
she decides to bide her time until she can make her way back to her family.
However, the gods have other plans, and with the help of some unlikely
companions she will soon discover that there is a reason she was chosen...
a revelation that will change her life—and the fate of Atlantis—forever.*


The way Melissa Wong describes every detail of Atlantis brought it to life, and I grew in love with the characters which she illustrated beautifully!

The development of the main character, Achine, was a pleasure to follow through to the end of this novel. Even the side characters were beautifully developed. The world Atlantis was also extremely detailed. And the magic within the world just adds to the great storyline. Melissa has done an awesome job in creating suspense, humor and adventure throughout this first series.

One of my favorite original light novels. Make sure to pick up the second and third series too!




Final Hope Vol 1

*Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were given a second chance at life? For Mikomi Saigo, that fantasy has become a reality. After he is shot by an unknown assailant, he is transported 10 years back in time back to his 14-year-old self. He must relive his life in order to find out who his killer is, but the more changes he makes, the more the world around him changes as well.*


While there aren’t any illustrations, there’s no need of any. Joshua is very descriptive, and paints a perfect picture of the characters in your mind. With that said, I had a hard time connecting with the characters. Mikomi, the protagonist, Serah and Ryan, friends from his past all felt generic. I feel that it was due to the characters speech, and how it was written down to the crossed T’s and dotted I’s.

Even with the lack of connection, the story unfolded nicely, although somewhat a little slow for my liking. I wished to know more about the shooting in general, but not a lot was said (hopefully in Vol 2!). The detail, however, was great. The fact that Mikomi could change the world with every subtle decision, kept me turning the page.

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Lily Clairet and the romantic non-genre

*Having reached the end of her first year of high school, Lily comes across a disgruntled elementary school girl arguing with the local cherry tree. Unfortunately, it doesn't take long after investigating this odd mystery that Lily's untroubled life begins unravelling around her.

Discovering an abandoned room at the end of the music department corridor, she learns that aside from it being completely run-down, it's also devoid of its sole occupant—Sonata Sonoda, the missing journalism club president.*


This slice of life novel has you solving pretty easy mysteries. So easy in fact you kind of get distracted and trail off on every other thought that doesn’t pertain to the novel itself. And with 300 pages, that’s a lot of trailing off.

But, there are some good points. Mainly the side characters. Lily’s two friends Emiko and Kaniko are witty and mischievous and gave the story life.

I do with there was more substance to the story, something to become invested in but with beautiful illustrations and some great writing, Kaye did a great job.



a most unlikely hero.jpg

A Most Unlikely Hero

*Being a hero isn't a walk on Mars!

Alexander S. Ryker dreams of becoming a hero, but dreams are hard to achieve when you’ve caused several million credits worth of property damage. Being expelled from the Mars Police Academy isn’t helping his case. Crushed, Alex encounters a girl named Gabrielle Angelise in a meeting that will change his life forever.

Gabrielle is an alien! She’s also on the run. Alex wonders if this is the chance that he’s been waiting for, the chance to finally become a hero. Opportunities like this don’t come often, or ever, and so Alex steps up to protect Gabrielle and make his dream a reality. He will become a hero—if the strain from living with an alien bombshell doesn’t kill him first!*


Brandon’s writing is on point and exactly what you want out of a fast paced light novel. You know where you are and who’s talking at all times. Packed with action from the get go. The illustrations are also very well done. Very mainstream.

Alexander, the main character is the stereotypical stupid but smart type. (BAKA!) Those sit well with me watching an anime, but not so much when I’m reading. I wanted to scream at Alex on many occasions for being so dumb. I figured out so much of what Gabrielle was hiding before he did and that got a little boring.

A very fast read, and with more volumes to go, A Most Likely Hero captures the audience and leaves you wanting more!


Unknown Past Vol 1 By Kitagishi Manto

*In a world where magic is controlled through song, many different cultures from an age long forgotten have been established. Much of the history of all ages before the present age have been lost, save for some music and technology. This is the Fifth Age, a time following the ages of humans, elves, dwarves, and yokai.

Everybody in the world has a unique form of magic since they were born that is activated by singing a particular type of song. Nine different magical types, referred to as tones, exist.

Everyone can use magic, save for Oren Tsurai.

An amnesiac trapped in a full body cloak that cannot be removed, he knows nothing of who he was. However, his new life is peaceful, with a loving family and few troubles.

But what happens when your home, the place of your few memories, is taken away from you in the name of an unknown revolution? What happens when someone ignorant of how the world works is thrown into struggles of corruption, lies, and betrayal? Follow the tale of someone who yearns for not only revenge, but a desire to learn who he really is in order to prevent future misfortunes from occurring...*


The idea behind people having a song to activate their magic is very creative. Kitagishi Manto goes into depth about how everyone has a certain tone, and Rhime being the main energy source on all continents. It can, at times, be a little difficult to understand and I wish Kitagishi explained some of the detail earlier on in his novel as I did get a little lost.

The main character, Oren was found without his memory and adopted by a family who has animal tones. His sister, Sueka to be very sweet but aggressive when needed and his father, Doryoko very playful but stern.

I didn’t feel that Oren cared much about his lost memories or vivid dreams until the things that took place throughout this book forced him to. There was no connection, for me, to his character. I think it was possibly Kisagishi’s writing. it could use a few more edits and a lot more show rather than tell. But, the mixture of characters and the main story line which kept unraveling dangerous situations kept me on the edge, wanting more.

With the many action scenes throughout Unknown Past, it kept me on my toes but I found myself wondering who was speaking at times and where they were. I would have liked to see some more description.

As I said before, there are a few technical errors and a few things to revise but none of this takes away from Kitagishi’s imaginative mind. A very solid read. I’d like to take another look after an edit or two because I feel this light novel has so much potential.







Sword Quest

*For twenty years, the island states of Molovar have been walled off from the world of Dirac by the great Mist Dome, a thick fog that appeared on the mysterious "Day Left in Grey." Within the dome, the different cultures began turning on each other, in a fight for supremacy of their caged world. On the island of Takanova, the proud Teutons are reaching their limits in the fight against the practiced Wolverine Army, and desperately hope for one of their budding youths to become the next 'Heir to the Sword', a knight who will uphold the Teuton's will to protect their land. Cedric, a troubled teen who happens to be the most highly touted candidate, has always dreamed of being a knight. With his chance at glory ahead of him, the enigmatic boy must face the world head on in a quest to find himself and end the war, while discovering the world's secrets hidden throughout the dome.*


Sword Quest jumps straight in with action, blood and gore as Cedric has a flashback of tragic events taken place 6 years ago. While I was hooked with the fast paced story line, I was soon thrust into a somewhat slow and hard to follow info dump. I felt some info didn’t need to be said, and with the action not picking up again until around page 60, I found myself in a hurry for more on what happened with Cedric 6 years ago.

The characters, Cedric and his friends Mel and Quentle were a lively bunch throughout, with a lot of digs here and there at each other. I found their friendship real and fun, smiling at their witty remarks to one another.

The race for the next heir to the sword towards the end was my favorite. I felt it building up from the middle of the novel and, once it came to it, it didn’t disappoint.

I do wish that there was less information on the backstory, although I see what Alex was doing, and I realized once coming to the end some of the info was necessary. For me, it could have used a little more substance to chew on. But overall, I was genuinely impressed with Alex’s writing and the beautiful illustrations throughout kept it interesting.

Patiently awaiting volume two.




A.R. Dragonfly

*Amber Ryann is the #1 ranked player in the online battle game Blaze Auras. Behind the keyboard, Amber is very extroverted with a snarky attitude; however, when out in public, she is very introverted and suffers from a severe case of social anxiety. One day, she encounters a player by the name of Khaine that shows just how complacent she has become. She develops a rivalry with Khaine but what happens when the two of them meet in real life?*


Amber Ryann’s character had me from the get go. A typical gamer girl with social anxiety that lives for her online battle game, Blaze Auras. Her days consist of sleeping, eating PB&J sandwiches, working a part-time job and whoopin’ ass online at night.

Joshua did a great job in bringing her character to life. With only a few characters in the novel, it was easy to keep track and invest in their wellbeing and in their story.

He went into great depth about the online game, Blaze Auras, which he created for this light novel and it came alive in the writing. I expected Amber to enter the game, like many other light novels, but Joshua wrote it from the standpoint of her playing the game, sitting behind the screen.

At first glance when I realized this, I thought it may be a little boring as I do enjoy novels where the characters jump into virtual reality, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. And that comes from Joshua’s great writing skills. I felt I was battling Khaine along side Amber!

I did hope to see Amber and Khaine meet face-to-face, and, without giving anything away, I’m guessing they kind of did. I just hoped there would have been a bit more to that part of the story. Maybe in Vol 2?

Overall, a quick and entertaining read when you have a few hours to spare!




Mariko and the Case of the Gremlin Horde

*Alvaro Jameson is a brand new student to the Hughes High School district. On his first day of classes, he follows a young red-headed female student with a supernatural glow that no other student seems to notice. Tracking her to a secret location, he discovers that monsters, magic and witches are real. Because he witnessed young Mariko Takashi using her powers, she loses them until he can help her prove that she can be a great supernatural detective without her magic. Can he survive his first case by helping her to find the gremlins that he inadvertently let escape, before his school is overrun*


Gremlins have invaded Hughes High School! And there are witches and wizards, too!

A fast-paced, slice-of-life light novel gets right into the story line when Alvaro follows Mariko Takashi, a red-headed girl who has a supernatural glow about her. He witnesses her magic and ends up becoming her Voice - assisting her in protecting the school.

The fact that Mariko lost her magic due to Alvaro seeing her played well into the story. It made Alvaro’s character shine. Referred to as a nerd throughout, he is easy to like. I did wish that Alvaro’s character had a little more depth. Something that would move me to invest in his wellbeing.

I loved how he was of different race. Alvaro makes comments on it and it’s clearly shown in the detailed illustrations throughout. It can be tedious when all the characters look the same as in many light novels. It’s a breath of fresh air!

Mariko is also another easy character to like. She knows what she wants, can be a little bossy but only because of the situation she is in with the gremlins and loosing her magic abilities. She sees Alvaro as a nerd. Being a Null (someone without magic powers), Alvaro get’s on her nerves which is quite funny.

Christopher Bair’s writing takes you on a lively adventure. I wish there was more action, but being more of a slice-of-life light novel, I went in knowing there wouldn’t be too much. Just enough to appease anyone liking a little action!




Clandestine Progressive

*Three-year old Kai’s life was changed forever when his home was attacked one fateful day. A shadowy figure stole everything from him until his savior took him in and once again gave him a family. To this day, dreams of that tragedy plague him... Besides that he lives a pretty happy life with that woman and her daughter Himari. When he was fifteen years old his Foster mother brought him into the ranks of the V.H.A (Vampire Hinting Association) Their job, protect the humans from the supernaturals that try do them harm and protect those ones that simply want a better life. Now, he’s the best of the best, but secrets, lies and a new partner might take away everything they've built.*


Kai, a vampire hunter, who is apart of the V.H.A, also known as a Day walker, is assigned a partner. And he’s not happy about it!

This supernatural world of beings co-existing with humans is intriguing. And as the story unfolds, we find that Kai and his partner Kokona, who is a witch, stumble upon potentially disastrous information.

The relationship between Kai and Kokona slowly unfolds and comes together at the end of the novel. In the beginning, they hate each other, but when Kai has to learn how to dance for a mission, you see the relationship begin to bloom into a friendship.

I love how Kai needs Kokona. Although he doesn’t know it. But when things begin to turn, she ends up leaning on him. They depend on each other and it’s a great relationship to read about.

A great start to the series, packed with action and some wonderful artwork.




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