Sword Quest

*For twenty years, the island states of Molovar have been walled off from the world of Dirac by the great Mist Dome, a thick fog that appeared on the mysterious "Day Left in Grey." Within the dome, the different cultures began turning on each other, in a fight for supremacy of their caged world. On the island of Takanova, the proud Teutons are reaching their limits in the fight against the practiced Wolverine Army, and desperately hope for one of their budding youths to become the next 'Heir to the Sword', a knight who will uphold the Teuton's will to protect their land. Cedric, a troubled teen who happens to be the most highly touted candidate, has always dreamed of being a knight. With his chance at glory ahead of him, the enigmatic boy must face the world head on in a quest to find himself and end the war, while discovering the world's secrets hidden throughout the dome.*


Sword Quest jumps straight in with action, blood and gore as Cedric has a flashback of tragic events taken place 6 years ago. While I was hooked with the fast paced story line, I was soon thrust into a somewhat slow and hard to follow info dump. I felt some info didn’t need to be said, and with the action not picking up again until around page 60, I found myself in a hurry for more on what happened with Cedric 6 years ago.

The characters, Cedric and his friends Mel and Quentle were a lively bunch throughout, with a lot of digs here and there at each other. I found their friendship real and fun, smiling at their witty remarks to one another.

The race for the next heir to the sword towards the end was my favorite. I felt it building up from the middle of the novel and, once it came to it, it didn’t disappoint.

I do wish that there was less information on the backstory, although I see what Alex was doing, and I realized once coming to the end some of the info was necessary. For me, it could have used a little more substance to chew on. But overall, I was genuinely impressed with Alex’s writing and the beautiful illustrations throughout kept it interesting.

Patiently awaiting volume two.

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